Drip Irrigation Products

The Gardening Coach is the source in Northern Utah for drip tape irrigation for vegetable gardens, as well as quality drip irrigation supplies for residential use. 

The Gardening Coach's custom drip irrigation systems are reliable, efficient, reasonably priced, and easy to install and maintain. If you need a new system, are expanding an existing one, or need replacement parts this page will get you the information for supplies and assistance.

If you are interested in Netafim brand drip irrigation options for vegetable gardens or landscapes, see my Drip Irrigation Services page.

The Basics

The following downloads contain information about drip irrigation that is useful when selecting and operating your drip irrigation system.

What is drip irrigation?

If you are new to using drip irrigation, click pdfhere to download The Basics of Drip Irrigation for Your Garden and Landscape and pdfhere for Choosing a Drip Irrigation System for Vegetable Gardens.

dripline wet spotsHow much should I water?

If you want to know more about how much to water your drip irrigated vegetables and landscape, click pdfhere to download How Much Should I Water?

What type of soil do I have?

Here's a fun way to learn to be a better gardener and amaze your friends.  Click pdfhere to download Estimating Soil Texture.

Custom Drip Tape Irrigation System for Vegetable Gardens

Scott Stevens May 2014The drip tape system I carry provides a very low flow and pressure (10 psi) water delivery system for straight row crops.

Drip tape is a thin walled flattened tube that inflates when filled with water. An low even rate of water is delivered along each row by emitters built into the wall of the tape.

Originally designed for large commercial agriculture, I help gardeners adapt drip tape for home or community gardens with open beds or raised garden boxes.  This is a reasonably priced, easy to use, and easy to maintain alternative.  I can help you with layout design, purchasing, instructions, and installation.

A distinctive feature of my drip tape system from others is that it does not use fittings to attach the drip tape to the distribution tube.  Rather, it uses 1/4" tubing to attach the drip tape.  This method creates greater flexibility for use in open garden beds or garden boxes as well as eliminates the cost of fittings.

drip tape closeup 2

I sell the drip tape and all the parts you need to install your custom drip tape system. I have three models of drip tape each with a different emitter spacing and flow rate per foot. I help you to choose the right model for you based on your soil type, the vegetables you grow, and the size of your garden.

The system can be attached to an outdoor faucet with a battery operated timer or retrofitted to a sprinkler system. I can help you with design layout, instruction, faucet timer selection, and installation.

For more information on drip tape, click on the pdf documents below.

  • Click pdfhere Drip Tape Irrigation System for Residential Use
  • Click pdfhere Drip Tape Instruction Manual rev. 2015
  • Click pdfhere Specifications for Drip Irrigation Supplies 2017
  • Click pdfhere Drip Tape System Quick Estimator 2019
  • Click pdfhere NEW Hose End Battery Operated Timers 2017


Drip Irrigation for for Containers

Pots multi driplineI sell 1/4” micro-dripline, fittings, pressure regulators, filters, and distribution tubing for a drip system which is perfect for pots and containers as well as annuals, perennials, berries, and grape vines. The system can be run from an outdoor faucet or retrofitted to a sprinkler system. Or, you can use this micro-dripline directly attached to your drip tape system to water containers in your garden.

I can help you with layout design, instructions, and installation of your 1/4” micro-dripline system. For more information on drip irrigation for containers, click pdfhere for Drip System for Container Gardening

listcatalog thumbnail

Product Catalog and Price List

  • Click pdfhere Drip Irrigation Price List, Catalog, and Order Form 2019 which includes instructions for purchasing, will call, and shipping.

Purchasing Drip Irrigation Supplies

Products are purchased locally through an order and pick-up system or items can be shipped.

Local Customers

If you are local and within driving distance of Salt Lake City, you can place an order by phone or email. Please do not text message your order. I let you know when your order will be ready to pick up (usually the next morning at the latest) at my Salt Lake City home(pdfclick here for a map.)  NOTE: Please, do not stop by without an appointment to purchase supplies. I may not be available to help you.

I accept payment in cash and checks. Generally I do not accept credit cards with their high fees for local sales so I can pass the savings on to you, my great customers.

Outside Salt Lake County

If you are outside Salt Lake County area, you can place your order by phone or email. Please, no text messages. An invoice is emailed back to you that you remit through PayPal. Once payment is received the items are shipped. Mailing a check is also an option.

More specific payment and shipping information can be found on the order form instructions. Click pdfhere Drip Irrigation Price List, Catalog, and Order Form 2019

More questions? Please contact me.

What Parts Do You Need and How to Install?

Questions?  If you have questions about the parts I carry the best way to contact me is by phone.

If you need a new system, the best way to contact me is by phone or email.  Include your phone number in your email so I can call you back. My systems are custom designed for your particular needs and situation and thus take some time and your input. Two methods are available.

Option1: Appointment at my location. I take appointments at my Salt Lake City home (pdfmap) and you bring your information in the form of a map (see below.) I then work out the design with you and I instruct you how to install and run the system. You buy the supplies and install the system yourself. A design fee may be charged based on the time spent on more complex or difficult situations. We discuss fees when you make the appointment.

What you bring. When we talk I will let you know what information you need to bring on your map for your specific situation. The best method is to draw your space to scale on grid paper. Don't forget the North arrow.  Information may include the following.

  • Length and width dimensions of garden or planting beds
  • What you are planting or the existing plants you want to irrigate
  • How many crop rows and space between them
  • Type of soil (sand, clay, clay loam, light weight garden box soil, potting soil)
  • Water source location and distance from head of garden plot or planting bed
  • Type of water (city, well, pressurized irrigation, or rain barrel)
  • Grow box dimensions (length, width and height), materials, and space between boxes
  • Shade and sun patterns
  • Existing sprinkler valves and sprinkler head locations for each valve

Option 2: Consultation at your home.  I can make a consultation appointment with you at your home to gather information. This is a good choice if you have more than a simple garden plot to irrigate or, you want my help and hands-on training to install and operate your new system. It is also a good choice if you want to ask other questions about your garden or landscape.

While I am at your home, I work with you to design a system that best fits your situation. I then gather all the information and necessary measurements and give you a general estimate. I return another time to install the system with you. In addition to the consultation fee, a travel fee may apply outside a 12-mile radius from my home. If applicable, travel fees are discussed when the appointment is made.