Design and Project Planning

Design, project planning, and implementation services helps the do-it-yourselfer who is ready to makeover the appearance or the functionality of part or all of their yard.

front-waterwiseThis service provides ideas, inspiration, and sees opportunities that may have been overlooked. It also serves to strategize how the project can be accomplished and how much and where I may be involved with the implementation.

You have to feel capable of accomplishing the plan within available skills, resources, time frame, and budget.

Often during a consultation as plans are discussed, the features, irrigation, and new plantings are typically marked on the ground with flagging to give you a sense of how your project will look and feel.

You can choose to have a general plan drawn with a plant list. I make project planning and phasing suggestions for implementation. Some tasks may need to be completed by an arborist, irrigation professional, or landscape contractor.

At this stage, you have several options as follows.

  • Work can be completed by you.
  • I can work side-by-side with you as needed to complete the project.
  • A landscape contractor can be hired to complete part or all of the project.
  • I can work with the landscape contractor and manage the project for the client.

Four Years_Later_Roehner_textEvery project is different and the general process outlined above is tailored to each. 

Whether I am involved only at the beginning or through the entire project, the result is a plan that the do-it-yourselfer can use to accomplish their goal step by step.