Guiding Beliefs and Values

Gails Backyard dripYour sense of well being is affected by your comfort in your daily surroundings including your landscape. Your home landscape needs to be compatible with your lifestyle, aesthetics, and your house. Your yard should uplift your spirit every time you view it in any season. A front yard that makes you feel at home positively contributes to the neighborhood. Your example can even encourage your neighbors to do something creative in their yard.

Useful Information

Information or assistance you receive should be relevant and applicable. There are many books, classes, web pages, TV shows, and home improvement stores to search for information about gardening and landscaping. Countless hours can be spent but how does this advice apply to your situation?

Instead, I streamline that process by assessing your needs and the conditions of your yard and provide you with practical advice and creative solutions to fit your particular gardening challenges. I help you to put it in place and teach you how to maintain it. I am there for you for as long as I am needed for you to be satisfied and confident of your new knowledge and skills.

My approach responds to your needs.

When I work with you, you can expect the following.

  • Listening closely to find out what your needs are and how I can help you.
  • Working with you side-by-side with hands-on training if needed.
  • Providing the best drip system value and support for your needs.
  • Offering creative practical ideas and give you the up-side and down-side of each so you can clearly choose.
  • Knowing when to direct you to other professionals and resources such as irrigation professionals, landscape contractors, or arborists.

My unique set of services provides full support for the home gardener.

No one else offers the variety services so necessary for the do-it-yourself gardener in one place.

  • Design and planning
  • Drip system sales
  • Installation and maintenance support and instruction