Meet the Coach

Hi. I'm Kathlyn Collins.


installing dripIn 2001 I began to help homeowners with their landscapes and gardens. In 2007, I purchased Sherman Fox’s irrigation business and created The Gardening Coach, LLC.

The Gardening Coach has evolved in small ways but my greatest joy is seeing my clients interact with and really enjoy their outdoor space and growing things. Their increased confidence and the connection and relationship with nature is what makes the difference to me.

The Gardening Coach idea came into being after quite a diverse background of experiences and training. After receiving a degree in Wildlife Science from Purdue University in the 70's, I found myself heading west to Oregon to be on a fire crew with the Forest Service. That experience opened my awareness to the opportunities of working in the outdoors and I loved it.

smokey flowersThe next year I worked as a ranger in southeast Utah for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM.) And, for the next 9 years I had the privilege to work in some of the most magnificent wilderness areas in Washington, Montana, and Alaska for the Forest Service and National Park Service hiking or on horseback in the mountains and hiking on the tundra.

I entered the Landscape Architecture Masters program at Utah State University in 1986 where my interests grew in creating and restoring urban habitats. For my master's project I developed a habitat restoration plan for the Murray City Jordan River Parkway which, much to my delight, the City implemented.

I moved to Moab in 1990 to work in the City Planning Office and helped plan the Mill Creek Parkway. I also worked on a endangered fish recovery plan for the Utah Division of Wildlife and The Nature Conservancy.  Then, I developed recreation facilities along the Colorado River for the BLM.

In 1993 I made Salt Lake City my home and I worked at consulting firms on habitat and environmental projects for the next 5 Tobyyears. In 1995 several friends and I founded Friends of Great Salt Lake to increase awareness and preserve and protect the lake and its habitats.

My own gardens, two cat buddies, and an urban micro-flock of 4-5 hens who make me laugh, round out my current Yuma Street world.