Why Use a Coach?

The Gardening Coach can help you get more out of your garden and yard - and help you do-it-yourself.

  • Do you enjoy gardening and want to learn more?
  • Are you willing to participate in the outcome of their project?

Then you are most likely to be successful working with me.

I work with do-it-yourselfers who enjoy taking care of their own yard and gardens. They want a welcoming look to their property and grow abundant vegetables without using excessive water and time.

I work with people with knowledgeable gardeners and those with very little experience. They have one thing in common, they want to learn and they want to do it themselves with enough help and guidance to give them confidence to accomplish their tasks.

Is This Your Situation?

ave-frontYou enjoy gardening and want to learn more to care for and manage your yard, maybe even to tackle a new project. You enjoy getting your hands in the dirt and feel satisfaction with your accomplishments. However, you want to know more of the how-tos and options you may have to complete a project or how to manage your yard more efficiently.

Better Watering Solution?

You may be hand watering or using sprinklers that are inefficient. You’ve heard about drip irrigation and are looking for a reliable and simple system. Your experience at the home improvement stores has not proven to save time or money. You find that online searches cannot give you the whole picture and how it relates to your situation.

A Fresh Start?

You may have an older yard that does not fit your current needs or a new home with a yard that is a blank slate. You may need help with a full yard makeover design or just the ideas and sketches that give you a better vision what you want to accomplish within your budget. You need someone that can listen to your ideas and concerns, work with you and tie it all together to your satisfaction.

Ready to plant Courtney

What to Plant?

You want to plant an area with native and drought tolerant perennials that are colorful and interesting all year as well as attracting bees, butterflies, and birds. With so many wonderful plants to choose from, you don't even know where to start to decide which plant to use and how to place them in an attractive way. Time spent seeking advice from nurseries and the internet still leave gaps and some confusion.

Feeling Claustrophobic?

You may have an overgrown yard of shrubs and trees that are lovely but are out of control. You need help but lawn care services are expensive and the results aren't ideal. You find your own pruning techniques, or lack of pruning just isn’t helping. And how do you make a decision to keep a shrub or a tree or have it removed?


If you find yourself in any of these situations and you are ready for a change then contact me for more information how that can happen.