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March 2014: Tips for Conserving Water in the Yard

While the east side of the US is experiencing dramatic mood swings of nature in the form of moisture, we in the West are still under drought conditions. And, while we may not all be under water restrictions this summer, here are some steps you can take to reduce water…
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Mulch Adventures

After all the persistent snow and cold, my cold season crops wintered over well most likely because of the insulating value of the snow and the mulch of chipped leaves.  Chard, spinach, onions, carrots, and of course garlic all made it through.  I am anticipating tasting the spring greens soon. …
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Plant Care During Mild Utah Winters

Ground moisture becomes an issue for evergreen trees and shrubs and some perennials when the temperatures warm and very little snow falls.  As everyone has noticed our weather is very mild this winter.  It certainly contrasts with last winter’s snow and cold. Evergreen trees and shrubs continue to trans-evaporate and…
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