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28 January 2011

From Soul to Soil: Birthing a Garden

January 2011--Among the many projects we aspire to complete, often they have their own timing.  It takes dedication and love of the project to allow it to have its own rhythm.  It also takes choice to bring it down from the realms of imagination to manifest it.

Many garden and landscapes in our imagination are waiting for that time to become real, without strain or stress.  To be birthed from the soul to the soil.  To experience participating in its growth and life forces.  These imaginings often happen during winter when the frozen ground is covered with snow for weeks on end and give the illusion that it will never be green again.  Of course unless you have  pansies planted.

As I have done for many years, I have  densely planted pots of pansies on my back porch were I see them daily.  I have wondered why when someone calls somebody else a “pansy” that it means they are wimpy.  To me that is far from the truth.

What other plant can be frozen solid, flattened with snow for weeks and then recover its bright greenness and upright leaves with a day of warmer temperatures and sun?  No, the soil is still frozen.  By all rights it should be still dull green, brown, or even decomposed like the rest of the flowers in my yard.

How remarkable.  Seeing those pansies as they go through the cycle of cold and not so cold during the winter gives me a knowing that winter is an illusion of the garden that is dead.  It really is sleeping and gathering strength for the moment of re-creation and I am happy to give it its time and joyful at its return.

In the meanwhile I will be working on this website and The Gardening Coach to expand and express my imaginings.  Check back in February for what is next. I will give you a hint - classes and workshops on working with nature spirits and energies in your garden.