March 2014: NEW! TGC Now Offers Turboganic My Garden

Last June, my lovely red chard patch was attacked by a major infestation of leafminers. I applied Turboganic My Garden and all damage stopped in three days. With occasional use through the summer, I had no more problems and the leaves grew big, colorful, and tasty even during the 100+ degree summer. True story.

Want a complete, organic, safe, and amazing plant nutrient? I highly recommend Turboganic My Garden made locally and distributed by developer John Pease and his business partner John Blatnick. They are providing gardeners the finest organic solution for growing healthy and productive plants AND it supports soil health over the long term. That means less pest invasions, greater harvests, tastier produce, and a longer harvesting season.

Turbo-qtThis is a highly concentrated liquid that you dilute and apply by hand according to instructions on the label. Turbo is also ideal for use in fertigation - fertilizer injected into irrigation systems. It stays in solution so it works through drip tape without clogging the emitters.

Go online at for more information or call 801-808-4588.

Turboganic My Garden is available on the website (above) and in the Salt Lake area at select Farmer's Markets at a discount and where you can meet John Pease, John Blatnick, and associates who are glad to answer your questions and listen to your success stories. Currently, they are at SLC Winter Farmer's Markets at the Rio Grand Station and the Spring Market @ Wheeler Farm through mid-April.

Beginning mid-June they will be at Downtown SLC Farmers Market, Gardner Village, and Thanksgiving Point on Saturdays and Wheeler Farm on Sundays. Call for details or other events at 801-808-4588.

You can also order the 1 quart size through The Gardening Coach by email or phone for the online price of $29.95 plus tax and pick it up at my house. Mention this article and you will get the market price of $25 including tax. (Expires June 30, 2014)