March 2015: Time to Schedule a Pruning Session with the Coach

shrubsDo you have shrubs taking over the yard or hiding your house and view out? Or, are your roses threatening any passer-by? But they were so nice when they were young and small!

Sometimes you just want to rip them out and start over. However, you know that it is a big project to take on and then what do you plant instead?

I am here to reassure you that you can take back your yard, your views, your sense of calm in your own yard by learning how to rejuvenate and prune your shrubs. With pruning knowledge you will have no problem keeping your yard under control and thriving.

You don't have to rip everything out and start over. I can help you evaluate what you have in your yard, what can be rejuvenated, and what needs to be removed. Those include shrubs that come with high maintenance, that do not fit the location or purpose, or are not healthy.

We can also talk about what new shrubs or other plants can be used that is appropriate for the location and is low maintenance.

Contact me for details and to schedule an initial consultation. The best time is now especially for roses that will respond to a good spring pruning with increased blooms this summer.

Know someone else that needs help? Referrals are always welcome.