March 2015: The Soil Learning Curve

garden 2014Growing anything is usually a work in progress particularly vegetable gardens. I have come to appreciate that the key to gardening is the care and feeding of the soil.

Since I expanded my garden space in 2011, I have been building the soil organics with a yearly application of leaves composted with my chicken bedding and manure.

I rely on my drip tape system and faucet timer to water the soil the right amount, thoroughly, and efficiently.

I rely on Turboganic My Garden liquid formula to continue building a healthy population of soil micro and macro organisms. Of course it also helps the plants on a cellular level to deal with environmental stresses and repel pests. I can tell the difference if I get busy and don't give my plants their regular dose. I am always amazed how well the plants rebound and pests disappear.

I am currently starting my seeds under a grow light. Last year I finally found a controller for the heat pad under the trays which keeps the soil at a constant optimal temperature. And, that Turboganic helps get the seedlings off to a strong start.

As I finish using the canned or frozen garden vegetables from last season, my mouth starts watering at the prospect of fresh. Here are a few favorite vegetables I have found that do well in my garden soil.

Tomatoes - San Remo Paste Tomato, Yellow Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Isis Candy
Lemon Cucumbers
Red Chard
Detroit and Golden Beets
Russian Blue Garlic
Purple Haze Carrots
Honeybear Squash
Turkey Craw Pole Beans

And it wouldn't be the same without all the lettuce, spinach, snow peas, radishes, basil, peppers, potatoes, onions, zucchini, and marigolds all in my 11' x 16' garden space.

As you may have noted, Turboganic My Garden is integral to the health of my garden and plants. I asked to be a distributor for Turboganic My Garden because I know it works.

tomatoes 2014I sell the quart bottle of concentrate which makes 25 gallons for $29.95 + tax. It is listed on my Price List and Order Form. For much more information or questions about Turboganic My Garden go to or call John Blatnick at 801-808-4588.