Drip Irrigation Systems


The Gardening Coach, LLC is pleased to offer an excellent vegetable garden drip system and a variety of drip irrigation services tailored to meet the home gardener's specific needs.

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Drip tape system for vegetable gardens

drip tape double

I sell custom drip tape irrigation systems for home and community gardens.  Drip tape is a low flow water delivery system for straight row crops. Drip tape is a thin walled flattened tube that inflates when filled with water. Even watering is delivered by emitters built into the wall of the tape. It is a low cost easy to use and to maintain alternative.

Harmony exampleDistinctive Features

If you are looking at other drip tape systems, you will notice that my drip tape system is different because it does not use fittings to attach the drip tape to the distribution tube. Rather, it uses 1/4” tubing to attach the drip tape to the 1/2” distribution tubing which creates greater system design flexibility and eliminates the cost of fittings.

My drip tape system is great for small to medium home gardens as well as large community gardens. Click pdfhere for information on Residential Drip Tape Systems.

drip tape in 4x4 boxWhere to Buy?

I retail the drip tape and all the parts needed to install your custom drip tape system found under the Products tab. I have three models of drip tape each with a different emitter spacing and flow rate per foot. I help you to choose the right one for you based on your soil type, the vegetables you grow, and the size of your garden.



Micro-Dripline Irrigation For Containers

Pot driplineI offer parts and instructions for an easy and efficient irrigation system for pots and containers 10" or larger in diameter.  The system uses 1/4" micro-dripline and fittings along with distribution tubing, a pressure regulator, and a filter.  Small shut-off valves for each container give greater watering control.  

The system can be run from an outdoor faucet or retrofitted to a sprinkler valve.  Note that the sprinkler valve needs to be dedicated to the drip irrigation system and not shared with lawn watering.  In some cases this micro-dripline system can be tied into your vegetable garden drip system if the watering length and frequency is similar.

For more information on drip irrigation for containers, click pdfhere for Drip System for Container Gardening and pdfhere for information on Selecting the Right Faucet Timer.

Other Uses

Although perfect for containers, this system is also very useful for rock gardens and small areas of annuals, perennials, berries, and grape vines.  

Where to Buy?

I retail all the parts needed for the micro-dripline watering system. 

Please contact me if you need help with layout, design, instructions, and installation of your 1/4” micro-dripline system.  


Netafim Dripline Installation

I provide a service of installing two different types of Netafim brand dripline products while teaching you how.netafim 2sizes label

  • 17mm CV Techline for landscape beds
  • 12mm EZ Techline for vegetable gardens and annual beds

Netafim is the leading company of drip irrigation technology development.  The driplines listed above are a sturdy tubing with emitters inserted inside at regular intervals.  It is easy to assemble, long lasting, and requires minimal maintenance.  17mm and 12mm refers to the inner diameter of the tube which corresponds to the size of the fittings.

netafim WheelerNetafim Dripline for Landscape Beds

If you need a drip irrigation system for perennial beds, shrubs, and trees, the 17mm Netafim dripline is the standard for durability and efficiency.  As Coach, I help you design the layout and make the connections to the water source.  I supply the parts from a local source and install the system with your help.  This way you become knowledgable about your system and how to maintain it. Click pdfhere for more information on 17mm Netafim.


netafim 3 line bedNetafim Dripline for Vegetable Gardens and Annual Beds

Smaller in diameter at 12mm with emitter spacing down to 6", this model of Netafim was designed for vegetable gardens and annual beds.  Compared to drip tape, it is more durable, longer lasting, can curve around plants, needs less maintenance, and is more expensive.

As Coach I help you design the layout and make the connections to the water source.  I supply the parts from a local source and install the system with your help.  This way you become knowledgable about your system and how to maintain it.  Click pdfhere for more information on 12mm Netafim.

Contact me for more information or set up a consultation.